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Consulting with an attorney does not have to be intimidating. In fact, consulting with an experienced Estate Planning attorney routinely prevents problems before they occur and can offer you the peace of mind you have been seeking. McFather Law Firm is dedicated to Estate Planning. In fact, Estate Planning is the only thing we do! Our firm’s success is based on a foundation of empathy, trust and respect. We achieve success for you by applying our in-depth legal knowledge and proven Estate Planning skill. We serve clients throughout Southeastern Virginia.

Uncertain Whether You Need an Estate Plan?

  • If you own assets of any kind — a home, vehicles, investments, life insurance, or just ‘typical old stuff’ — then you have an estate and you need an Estate Plan.
  • Your Estate Plan spells out who will inherit your property. It ensures your spouse, children and loved ones will be provided for in accordance with your wishes.
  • If you have minor children (or plan on having children down the road), an Estate Plan is essential.
  • Having a quality Estate Plan is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and the ones you love.

I Think
I Need A Will

If you only have a few assets, few beneficiaries, and no minor children, a Will could be right for you

Most people are surprised to learn a Will must go through the Probate Process, unlike a Trust

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I Think
I Need A Trust

Most of our clients find that a Trust best fits their personal needs

A Trust avoids the often lengthy, often expensive, and always public nature of the Probate Process

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I Think I Need
A Will & Trust Administration

All of a sudden you’re an Executor and the task seems daunting

We are here to ease your anxiety and help you through the entire process

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